Digital Marketing is the next generation of traditional marketing. A few years back the term marketing refers to the door-to-door campaigning, throwing handbills, newspaper ads and more. But, today everything has been changed and everything is done by using some clicks.

The marketers have nowadays using the internet, social media sites and other digital marketing technology to reach their customers. But, very soon things will be updated to the level next and this article is all about those trends which we will see in 2019. There are some changes which will be definitely going to occur in 2019 and these things will take digital marketing to the next level. So, without wasting so much time lets get started with those trends.

Trend Number: 1- Artificial Intelligence

The AI is the future of everything, AI or artificial intelligence is the next generation of technology where there is no any human intervention and everything done by the help of this technology. This technology has a higher conversion rate because of its efficiency. According to the reports of eMarketer, almost 90% of the display ads in the United States will be programmatic.

Trend Number:2- ChatBots

This is also a parent branch of Artificial Intelligence as it is backed up by this technology. The ChatBot acts as a customer care and it will sort out all your problems. The AI-based technology will be available 24/7/365 and nearly 80% of the businesses are either using or are planning to use this technology to groom their businesses.

Some of the giants like UBER, Zomato, and others are using ChatBot for their businesses. Chat Bots are higher in efficiency and it also cuts the cost of manpower and that’s why it is highly beneficial for the businesses.

Trend Number:3- Video Marketing

Gone are the days when content and banners are shared. Now there is a huge engagement as well as conversion rate with the videos and videos also speaks about the business. According to a survey, about 70% of the consumers have accepted that they have shared a brand’s video. About 72% of businesses accepted that the videos have improved the conversion rate. 52% customers confessed that watching a video about a brand or a product increases the credibility and we feel confident in buying that product or service.

Trend Number:4- The Social Media Sites and Apps

The increasing number of people on social media sites is a huge opportunity for businesses to promote their product or service. The automated messaging services, the analytics, and the paid ads will be the game changer for Digital marketing in 2019.

Trend Number:5- Voice Based Search

Hey Google Find Restaurants Near Me. yeah we use to do that, the trend has changed and now we don’t like to type what we want and we just say what we want. So, this has changed the complete trend and so the content writers have to write the contents in normal conversational mode. Apart from it, the Google Business Pages will be effective in those searches. So, start focussing on the Google Business Page also.

Trend Number:6- Visual Search

Now finding things are so difficult, suppose you have an image about a jacket and you want that jacket but you don’t know that where you will find it. It’s so simple here, just upload the image you have and the results on your screen.

Google Lens is a Visual Search Engine by Google which recognizes landmarks, pictures, and objects with the help of a camera app (currently available in Pixel phones only).

CamFind is also a visual search mobile app and is quite helpful in finding the information about the snap. You just have to snap anything and this visual search app will tell you what it is. Digital marketers have an edge over the competitors if they divert their focus on Visual Search Trend to draw customer’s attention and serve them in the best manner.

The above are the trends in Digital Marketing for 2019, so get yourself ready for the next generation of Digital Marketing.

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