Everyone is in a race in this online world. The bloggers try to be on top where the business websites try to get appeared in the search results. Everyone is trying to build an online reputation whether it is a business, an organization or any individual.  Though, the digital era has made everything common like the Websites, social media, the smartphones, and everything. In this blog, we will talk about the best WordPress plugins in 2019.

Nowadays the website is the most common thing that every business owns and WordPress acts like a boon for them. Today we gonna talk about the best WordPress plugins in 2019 which boosts the site’s performance. So without wasting any time, let’s explore those 6 plugins which are the best WordPress plugins in 2019.

1- Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

It is an evergreen kind of plugin which is used by maximum WordPress users. This plugin is a must-have for every blogger as it covers on-page and on-site Search Engine Optimization. This tool is available in free and pro-versions and is a kind of SEO checker which checks the content in a detailed manner.

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

The Yoast SEO Plugin guides the user in creating SEO-Friendly content and it filters out each and every problem of the content to make it eligible to appear in the search results. Though this tool is evergreen and no any SEO tool can replace it and that’s why it stands in the list of best WordPress Plugin in 2019.

2- WP Super Cache Plugin

This plugin is best and effective in boosting the speed of the website. Whenever you use a cache plugin, it starts to serve every website visitors by creating a static HTML file of the page and allows WordPress to serve every user from the cache. WP Super Cache Plugin prevents the web servers from crashing. This plugin is available in free as well as a paid version and you can download it by clicking here https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/.

Wp Super Cache Plugin WordPress

3- Jetpack

It is a multi-tasking plugin which is made by those who are the backend of WordPress. It is known as one of the most well-maintained plugins of WordPress. The capability of Jetpack is written below:

  1. It can add a contact form to your website.
  2. It also acts as a powerful analytics tool which can track the searched keywords and pageviews.
  3. Monitor the downtime and notifies the user when the website is down.
  4. Prevents the hackers from cracking the site’s password by Brute-Force Attack.
  5. It has an auto-publish option which publicizes the blog post on every social media sites after the publish of that blog.
  6. It also provides a Subscribe option, so that the users can subscribe to your blog.

4- Akismet

This is a superb security plugin for the WordPress which free the blog from spam comments. When you those spam comments, you will see that it leads to malicious websites and Akismet helps in prevention from these spams. It helps in preventing spam comments which is a good thing for the health of the website.

Akismet Plugin of WorPress

5- OneSignals

This plugin is a marvelous one and it drives more and more traffic to the website. This plugin helps in pushing the notification to the subscribers whenever you publish a new post. OneSignals adds web push technology which is beneficial in notifying the subscribers.

oneSignal Plugin for wordpress

6- Social Snap

We all know about the fact that Social Bookmarking is a must-to-do thing in SEO. Place your Social Sharing buttons on the most prominent and visible part of the blog, so that the user get interacted with the blog and share it too.

social snap plugin wordpress

Social Snap is a Social Media Sharing Plugin and is superb in adding sharing buttons on both the desktop as well as the mobile sites. Social Snap supports all modern and prominent Social Media Sites & Platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and many more.

So, these are the top-rated WordPress Plugins which not only boosts the performance of your site but also helps in making engagement with your readers.

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