for downloading Instagram images and videos

Are searching a way for downloading Instagram images and videos? Have you faced the problem of unable to download the videos files from Instagram? Do your all Instagram images are unable to download from them? If the user is getting these problems then read the below article we are providing the best way for downloading Instagram images and videos in just a few simple clicks.

About the Instagram:

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where the user can send upload images, videos, gifts, and many more things also. This social media is most popular due to the photo and video sharing on there. This awesome media was launched in the 2010 year for the iOS device. The Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger was the main founder of the Instagram application or site. The creators have launched this media platform where the user can easily share their videos or images on there with their attractive expressions. Their team was also created a new version of Instagram which was supported to Android device in April 2012 and the android users start using them on there then after that, the Windows phone users are getting the Instagram application in October 2016 finally.

Instagram is not only provided the features of uploading the video or photos on there but also they can get another service like editing with various filters, organized with tags and upload their location information also. If the individual Instagram person wants to post then they should have to post o shared their post to publicly or with pre-approved followers also. They are also providing the facility to browse other person post or content by tags and location information also. The other features are also provided to their users like they can like another person post, comment it and vote for it. This application was awarded as the best runner up an application in the year 2010 then after a year ago, in May 2011 the most famous company whose name was Fast Company that was listed CEO Kevin Systrom is at the 66th number listed in the “ The 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2011”. Finally, Instagram has listed the number one application by Mashable in the list of “ The 100 best iPhone apps at the online store”.

Method for downloading Instagram images and videos:

for downloading Instagram images and videos

Instagram users are increasing daily and their users are also demanding the way for downloading Instagram images and videos. The most popular and famous site is where the Instagram users can easily get download all videos, images, GIF’s, and, many more things also in just a few steps. Here from above-mentioned sites, the user can get below features from there are given below:

Download Unlimited Media’s:

By visiting the above mention sites the user is getting downloading images, video or gif’s limits where they can download unlimited media’s from there and they can also use to browsed them any operating system and their browsers also.

Easy to download uploaded media’s on Post:

The site is also allowed the user to easily visit the site and browse them. The main things the user can get from here is that they do not need to download and install the application in their device.

Flexible to work with any device:

The site is also not required any user to separate device then. The users can easily use them at the Tablets, smartphones, android phone, computer, laptop, and other devices also.

Safe to use:

This site is totally free from any harmful virus and threat and the user can easily browse their Instagram sites to download the media’s.

Easy Steps for downloading Instagram images and videos:

Follow the below steps properly for downloading Instagram images and videos:

Step 1. The user is open their Instagram application from their device then after that open the video and photo that they want to download from them.

Step 2. Now the user needs to copy the URL of that open video or photo link and saved them into their clipboard.

for downloading Instagram images and videos

Step 3. Then the user needs to visit the site then paste the copied link on location “ Paste Instagram Link”.

Step 4. Once the user pastes the link on there they will again get the green download button option and gain they need to hit on them when they start to save the downloaded files into their desired device location.

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