A few years back, blogging was treated as a hobby and usually, people do this for the sake of time pass. People write whatever they wanted to write and spend their time converting their imagination and thoughts as a blog. Then the era has changed and the boom and spark of the digitization occur in which the people started spending their time on the internet for consuming the contents. A majority of the population became the consumers whereas the other part of the population started to create superb contents and this change has brought the hobby of blogging into the profession for many people.

Blogging now is a full-time job for so many individuals who are busy in making quality content for their consumers. So, the major question which arises here is that, do bloggers earn money? The answer to that is “a big yes”. They earn handsome money from blogging and this is done by using many methodologies. Many bloggers are living a royal life and they say that it can’t happen without blogging.

2019 is going to arrive in a few days and so the theme of getting monetized from blogging has been slightly changed and below are some of the superb working techniques which will produce more money from blogging. So, without wasting any time let’s gear up and reveal all the secrets which are related to earning money from blogging:

1- Direct Advertisements: Gone are the days when only Adsense was an option, now the bloggers have different options too by which they can monetize their blogs and one of the options is known as the direct advertisements. There is no any hesitation that Adsense is the best advertising platform but its limitation is the amount which you will get paid per click. So, why dependent on such advertisement platforms if you can grab direct advertisements.

Adclerks and WPAdvancedAds are the WordPress plugins which will really helpful in securing some direct advertisements.

You can attract different advertisers who are relevant to your blog and this can be done by adding an advertise with us page on the blog. More often you can also roam around other blogs and social media sites to find the direct advertisements for your blog.

2- Affiliate Marketing: Put a banner of a product of your advertiser with a buy now button and f the customer redirects from your blog then you will be able to get a good amount. This is one of the most profitable sources by which your blog will be able to monetize.

Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, PartnerStack, ImpactRadius, Awin, Commission Junction are the options for the affiliate program.

3- Paid Reviews: This is one of the most boosting elements in your earning. You can choose a network for doing paid reviews. Famebit and, Izea pay Per Cost are some of the examples of grabbing the paid review opportunities.

4- Referral Income: Most of the advertisement platforms provide an option to earn by referring. In this program, you can refer your audiences to the advertiser’s platform where they perform any action and you will be getting paid.

5- Write content For The Clients: You can write contents for the clients, do SEO of their website and can also run and manage a campaign for their advertisement.

6- Grab Online Projects: “If you are good at something, then never do it for free”, yeah I know this is the very famous dialogue by the Joker but it applies in this digital world too. Digitization has opened the gates for everything and you also have that opportunity to earn from the online world. You can take online projects and work as a freelancer and many are doing that and earning well. There are so many Facebook Groups where people are posting their needs and many are grabbing such kind of projects too and it works.

So above are the best tips and techniques to grow money by blogging and as well as from the online world. Hope you like the blog and yeah don’t forget to share it because sharing something is like caring for someone.

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