Today, everyone is busy producing money from the internet. the geeks are showcasing their talents from the relevant fields whereas the novices are also busy in doing something. YouTube is the heaven for those kinds of content producers who want to showcase their talent in the form of video. The people who produce video contents for uploading it to the Youtube are known as Youtubers and they upload videos at regular intervals in order to engage their subscribers.

Though YouTube is also a pretty good monetization platform for the Youtubers as they create and upload videos to the youtube and after fulfilling some criteria of YouTube they get paid. YouTube monetizes you only after ads start getting published on your videos. So, if you are a Youtuber and want to grab as much as traffic on your videos so that you get paid, then this story totally belongs to you.

Today we gonna talk about the killer ways to grab huge traffic on YouTube videos and reveal the secrets to boost up the YouTube monetization. So without wasting any time let’s get back to those points which will boost the traffic as well as money:

The Cover Of The Book Makes The Book Look Interesting

Many people say that don’t judge the book by its cover but here it doesn’t work well. The curious mind will allow to open and purchase only those things which look interesting and the same implies on the YouTube as well. So, the moral of the story is that, make the title short, to the point and catchy so that the people will click it after reading the headlines of the video.

There are some certain guidelines which you must have to follow when you are going to write a heading and below we have some do’s which must have to be followed in order to grab the attention of the targetted audiences.

1- Do proper Keyword-Research to create a heading (Use Keywords Everywhere Plugin)

2- Try to add the current year or the latest upcoming year. Suppose if you are going to release a basic tip video in December 2018, then write it as tips for 2019.

3- Try to use the Keywords at the beginning of the title, so that it gets ranked easily for that keyword.

4- Use powerful words like; Tremendous, Splendid, Superb, Awesome and more.

5- Use Emotional words like; Sensual, Lonely, Passionate, and, etc.

Don’t Forget To Use The Tags

Tags are widely used and are so helpful in improving and grabbing the ranking in the search results. Use the tags correctly by using the name of your brand and also use the relevant keywords with the tag. Tube Buddy is the superb chrome extension which allows you to choose different tags which highly reflect the video which you have uploaded.

Use a Custom Thumbnail Image which Grabs the Attention of The Audience

A thumbnail acts as a featured image which will be seen when the video appears in front of the audience. Create an eye catchy custom thumbnail so that it grabs the attention of the users. The thumbnail must have a resolution of 1280×720 and the minimum width 640 pixels. Apart from that try to use 16:9 aspects ratio which will be compatible with YouTube previews.

Canva and YouZign are the best tools to create a custom thumbnail image for the YouTube videos. So, you have also an option to try these applications to create a superb and compatible thumbnail image for your video.

Branding is the Key To Success

this era is totally digitized, you don’t have to go door-to-door to promote your brand but these things can be easily done by some clicks. Use social media as a tool to promote videos all across. Create a Facebook Fan Page, get yourself connected to social groups for sharing those Youtube Video Links and more.

Explore your video links to all the channels and social media sites and groups. Facebook also allows to run paid campaigns and this can be a fruitful option as well. Encourage your audience to share your video links among their circles as it also boosts the traffic on the video.

Start Blogging With Subject Which relates Your YouTube Channel or Brand

Blogging is a good option to engage your customers. For example: If you are making videos on the subject cooking then it is recommended to start a blog in which you present the content which circulates around the theme cooking. Paste the YouTube links at the footer of the content, so that your audience gets interacted with your content as well as the video while landing to your content page.

Use a Branded Intro as well as an Outro

Use intro and outro for your YouTube videos. A video must start with a 2-4 seconds intro in which you tell some punchline or something which is totally related to your brand name or channel name. Use outro at the end of the video where you showcase your other videos or you can also appeal your audiences to subscribe to your channel so that they can get an update about your latest video.

Camtasia is a superb tool which is useful in making an Intro as well as an Outro for your YouTube videos and you can make it own.

So, above are the superb tips which are highly efficient, useful and superb in boosting the traffic on your YouTube channel as well as on your videos. These tips if successfully implemented will result in the boost of traffic as well as monetization.

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