Ranking on the google is a great deal for all the businesses, bloggers and individuals. Today in our Digijiyo blog we will be going to know about 5 superb and supersonic tools which help us in finding the google rankings. We always talk about the different mechanisms about how to build the online visibility of the business. We use SEO, we write superb contents, we choose the right keywords and we almost do all the stuff which is needed to rank the website. But, shall we measure which thing is working and which not? Yeah, I know somebody will tell that it can be measured by the analytics. But can analytics give out the result of the keyword ranking? These 5 tools will give a clear picture of which keyword is ranking in the Google search ranking.

So, today we will reveal the secrets of how to measure the position of a website in google and what is the web traffic rankings. These tools just take some minutes to give you a clear picture that what is going on with your content on the internet and how your selected keywords work. So without wasting any time, let’s just get started to know about these 5 magical tools which give a clear picture of inside-out.

1- SEMrush: This is a very powerful tool and is used to know the ranking of the keyword. Apart, from it, SEMrush also helps in knowing the details that which keyword is working and which is not. This is a professional tool with an easy and efficient graphical user interface.

You just have to put the link of your site and hola, everything is on the screen, This tool is tremendous and it reveals every secret.  SEMrush is a superb tool which also tells the user about the organic traffic and which keyword is responsible for grabbing the most of the organic traffic.

2- Ahrefs: This is another powerful tool which is used by the Digital Marketers to know the inside of the website ranking. Ahrefs automatically detects that for which keywords your website is ranking for and it also allows you to specify the ranking based on the country.

3- SERPWatcher: SERPWatcher is the latest tool which allows you to track the keyword position for any domain. This tool has a great user interface and is so cool to use. This tool also provides a paid plan for tracking more keywords. SERPWatcher has so many exciting features and that’s why it is in the top 5 tools of Website Rank Checker and Google ranking Tool.

4- Google Rank Checker: It is an excellent free tool which converts the opaque picture of a website into a transparent one. Google Rank checker is an awesome Google Keyword Rank Checker Tool which helps it’s user s in tracking the keyword positioning in Google Search Engine Results.

5- SERP’s Keyword Rank Checker: This tool is a good Google Keyword Rank Checker Tool which also tells the user about the perfect keyword and it’s CPC. This tool is known to be the expert in Google Keyword Checker but apart from it also shows the search volume data and checks one or multiple keyword ranking.

So, above are the top rated 5 Google Keyword Rank Checker Tool which is free, easy and efficient. These tools help in checking the rank of your keyword and allows you in finding the ranking of your website in Google Keyword Checker. 

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