Hello, today we are going to talk about some superb tricks and techniques on how to promote Facebook Pages without paying. We will also talk about Facebook Page Promotion Tricks and more.

So come let’s explore the secrets of Facebook Page Promotion without paying. Today as we all know that every individual, businesses, non-profit organizations, and startups have their Facebook Pages where they showcase everything about their work and business. These Facebook Page owners have a strong desire all the time and it is their Facebook Page Promotion.

Today we gonna reveal the answer to this big question that how to promote Facebook page without paying, so come let’s go.

Facebook always uses an algorithm by which it determines that which post will appear in the noisy newsfeed. Several pages have faced a problem in their post reach and it all happen due to the increasing demands of the users and the advertisers.

To go ahead with this thing, the page owners have a single option in their mind and it is Facebook Ads but today Digijiyo Solutions will highlight some more points by which you can boost the post reach and yeah without wasting a penny.

Secret Number 1- Check Your Page Insights and Analyze Your Top Posts

Facebook Pages have an option with that and it is known as Facebook Page Insights. This is just like data collector. It will tell you that what is the reach of your posts, how many people get engaged and more.

You just have to analyze the behavior of your followers and for this, you have to analyze these top posts. See the common things in those posts and this will tell you that what your audience wants. Suppose you have posted videos, or some catchy contents or have posted a superb meme and the engagement will tell you that what is the common thing and which thing has grabbed the attention of your audiences.

Secret Number 2- Content is King, So Post Awesome Contents

We have talked about the fact that content is king and we have also discussed how it is helpful. So always write catchy content, engaging content and original content. These things will not only bind your audience but will also help in creating and maintaining the credibility of your Facebook Page.

Step Number 3- Optimize Your Targeting

Those Facebook Pages which has 100+ page likes can filter the targetted audience of their posts. These filters are based on Age, Gender, Location, Gender, Interests, and everything. This is as same as boosting the post but here you don’t have to invest a penny because these filtered posts will be shared among your Page Fans only.

To target your Facebook Posts Organically, you just have to visit the settings and then Preferred Page Audience Tab. You have to log in with the admin account of the page and from there you have to select the Allow targeting and privacy options when I create posts on my Page. After doing that your posts will appear among your selected audience and it will grab a huge engagement from the relevant audience only.

Secret Number 4- Share Your Contents & Posts in Relevant Facebook Groups

Facebook allows people to create a group who came from the same region or taste or anything common with them. Suppose you have a Facebook Fan Page which deals in beauty & health tips then just join the communities of Health & Beauty and share your page contents on these groups or communities.

This will show your content to the wide range of audience who have an interest in beauty and health tips and fortunately your business also deals with it.

Secret Number 5- Always Choose The Best Time To Post

Just visit the Facebook Page Insights and then click on Posts option and here you will find When Your Fans Are Online Option which will tell you the perfect time when your fans preferred to be online. So, just filter out the time and always try to post your contents at that time.

Secret Number 6- Use Facebook Live, Create Event and Other Latest Stuffs of Facebook

Facebook is still in the picture because they believe in implementing updates in their features. So, I think that this is the best Facebook Page Promotion Tricks and it is also the answer to the question that How to Increase Facebook Page Likes Without Spending Money.

These features are Facebook Live, Create Event and Others. So first let’s talk about the Facebook Live Feature. This is the awesome feature which creates curiosity among the Page Followers because it sends the notification to all the page fans that XYZ is live now. By this, everyone wants to know that what is happening to the other side and there is a chance that he/she will definitely watch the live video. So, this live feature of Facebook will definitely create a buzz and engagement among your page followers.

Create Event is another feature of Facebook which announces the upcoming event of your Facebook Page. This creates a huge buzz among your followers and that’s why it comes under the list of Facebook Page Promotion Tricks.

The above methods are best for Free Facebook Page Promotion. So, guys, this is all from our side and we hope that you all have so many answers of the question that how to promote facebook page without paying.

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