Hello friends, today we are going to find the simple steps to create a Google Business Page For Free and we will also provide superb tips to Optimize Google Business Listing.

So, first of all, let’s gear up to create a Google Business Page For Free. Here we will know the basic steps to Create a Google Business Page and we will also know about the Benefits of Google Business Page and more.

1- Choose a Gmail Account which is accessible by you.

The very first step to making a Google Business Page for Free is to create a Gmail Account which will be always accessible. In Facebook Page, we have to assign multiple roles to the users and it will be going through Page Roles of the admin section. But, if we talk about The Google Business Page then the scenario will change. Here the user who has the login credentials of that Gmail account which is associated with the Google business page will have all the authority of the page.

Suppose you are creating a Google Business Page for free and it is associated with your personal Gmail Id like alex@gmail.com then, no-one except you will edit the Google Business Page. So, it must be created with a Gmail Id which will be accessible for all the authorized users, like company@gmail.com.

2- Create a Google Business Page With The Desired Account.

After creating your accessible mail id, just go through https://www.google.com/intl/en/business/?hl=en&ppsrc=GPDA2 this link and click on the Start Now Button. It will redirect you to log in to your accessible Gmail account and after you logged in then you will be redirected to a page which looks like a dashboard.

The page will ask you your desired choices which are as same as Facebook Business Page. Here on this page, you will be free to choose your desired option from the following one.

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Institution or Organisation
  • Product or Brand
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Others

Select from the option and fill all your basic information like the Business Name, Domain Name, and for whom your content will be visible.

3- Customization of Your Public Profile

In this step, you have to give a bit slice about your business. Here you will be asked for the tagline (said to be the business elevator pitch) and a profile picture of your business (Business Logo will be the best option).

4- You Will Be Asked For the Code

To create your Google Business Page for Free, you will be asked to provide a 4-digit code and it will be sent to your address via Google PostCard.

5- Promote Your Google Business Page

The skeleton of your Google Business Page has been made and now you have to promote it. But, first, fill out all the details regarding your business, like- Working Hours, Address, Contact Number, & more.

Start creating engaging posts with an image, create awesome offers during festivals, upload superb images which relate your business. These things will highlight your Google Business Page and start engaging your customers with your Google Business Page so that they can make a review and give feedback.

6- Start Get Going

When you go through all the above processes, you will see that your customers have started finding you. Your newly created Google Business Page will highlight all your services and you will get the monthly report on the mail id which is associated with your Google Business Page.

So, these steps will help you in creating a free Google business page and to engage your potential customers online. But, what to do when the desire is to appear in the search results? Don’t worry, because we are going to give you some simple tips which will optimize your Google Business Page and here we go.

How To Optimize The Google Business Listing

Ranking your Google Business Listing on the Google Search Results is a lengthy task and you have to work it in an organized manner and below are the key points which will give you a clear picture of that. So, let’s get started:

1- Make Sure All Your Information is Comprehensive, Accurate & Up-To_Date

Fill all the current details of your business and they must be updated time-to-time. This Information must be accurate as these are the things by which your potential customers will find you.

  • Business Name
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Address
  • Description of the Business
  • Website Information
  • Category
  • Attributes
  • Business Hours

2- Always Ask Your Potential Customers For The Reviews

Reviews are known to be the backbone of the local search. Here is an equation which will show that how reviews act as a backbone of the business.

Good reviews = sales. More good reviews = more sales.

But bad reviews are also beneficial as it will present you an opportunity.

3- Speak to Your Customers Via Google My Business Messages

There are many customers who don’t wanna call you, they want to get to you by chat and that’s why they find Google Business Page the great option. Google has now introduced a messaging feature in the Google Business Page and a report says that there is a huge number of customers get in touch with this new messaging feature.

So, engage with your customers via this feature and give them reply as soon as possible because this thing will reflect on the optimization of the Google Business Listing.

4- Update Your Post in a Regular Manner

Always update your posts regularly. Showcase your business in a regular manner via posts and always update your customers with the latest offers, events and more.

Create engaging posts which highlight your business and use images with your posts because images are a pretty good tool for creating an engaging post.

5- Track The Behavior Of Your Customers By Google Business Insights

Marketing tactics always say that measure what you have done. So, it is important to measure the impact of Google Business Listing. Google Business Listing has a tremendous dashboard in which we find Google My Business Insights and it will tell you the below things.

  • Google Business Insights will tell you that how your customers are finding you.
  • Whether you are getting noticed by Search Results or Maps Results.
  • From where your customers are hailing from.
  • What are the actions your customers are taking after finding you? (For Example Website Clicks, Phone Calls, Message and etc.)
  • A total number of phone calls and time when the customers are calling.

Conclusion- So these are the superb tips which will really help you to Rank Google Business Listing and to Optimize The Google Business Listing in the Google Search Results.

So, we have discussed that how to create a Google Business Page For Free and have also mentioned those superb tips and tricks to optimize the ranking of the Google Business Listing.

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