Everyone is posting everywhere that how to get my website to the top of Google or how to rank my website to the top of Google. So, today we have decided to write something for those who are looking for the answers to such questions.

So, today Digijiyo Solutions will tell you the techniques, tricks, and methodologies by which you can boost the ranking of your site. As we all know that Google is the best search engine today and it is used worldwide by millions and trillions of people. People search for the keywords and if your website rank to that particular keyword for which your website is relevant, then there is a huge probability that he/she will land to your website.

We create and advertise for our website so that the people for whom our website is serving for can reach us. The website speaks all and if someone lands to our website then he/she will definitely look around the website and so it will create an engagement as well as conversion too.

So, without wasting any time, we will now reveal all the easiest ways and the simplest mechanism to answer the question that how to get to the top of Google without paying?

1- Content is King– As we have mentioned in all the previous blog posts that content is king and it is literally the king. Always write unique contents, it doesn’t contain any duplicacy and more importantly, it must be keyword-friendly.

So, now we will tell all the methodologies by which your content gets fit to all the criteria for which the Google is looking for.

i- Always Prefer To Do Keyword Research- Keyword Research is pretty important if you are going to write a content. There is a tool which is known as Keywords Everywhere and it is a superb plugin which will tell you all the keywords, their volume as well as their CPC.

Just install this plugin and start to Google the keyword for which you are going to write your content and you will see all the keywords related to that keyword with their volume and CPC.

So, if you are going to write a content then just check the related keywords by using Keywords Everywhere Tool and use those keywords in your heading, subheading and inside the content. This will help your content to get rank in the Google search.

ii- Density of the Keywords- Keyword density is another a matter of concern. The algorithm of Google penalizes those websites which use keywords more densely. Always try to repeat your keywords at least 2% of the total number of words in the content.

iii- Positioning is an important task- Keywords are most effective if they used properly. Keywords must be included in the headings, sub-headings, the first and the last sentences.

iv- URL- Make sure that your Keyword lies inside the URL of the page.

2- Use an SEO-Audit Tool- There are so many tools which can audit your website and check the errors and vulnerabilities in your website. Use an online tool which is known as SEOMATOR and this is the link https://seomator.com/free-seo-audit-tool. Try to patch those vulnerabilities which are shown in the results.

3- Use an SEO Hosting Company- SEO Hosting Company set up an affiliate blog network for you, this is really very beneficial in driving traffic to your website. Just understand this basic formula that the more affiliate networks you have the more authority your site commands in the terms of Google algorithm. So, this will just boost the traffic as well as the ranking of your website in Google Search Results.

4- Boost the Social Signals– How many times your posts are shared on the social media sites is counted by Google. Google’s algorithm just thinks that the visibility of your site is good and people are talking about your site which is quite helpful in creating and maintaining the credibility in Google terms.

Always ensure that your website has social media pages on popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and more. Post regular contents on these social media sites. Share everything about your website on these sites like photos, videos, blogs and more.

You can also read more about increasing the social signals here: https://digijiyo.com/2018/11/28/promote-facebookpage-withoutpaying/


The above-written tricks are the simplest and easiest ways to rank your website in the Google Search Results. These organic and free methodologies will surely help you in ranking the website in Google Results. So, just go for these methods and boost the ranking of your website.

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