Every business nowadays has websites and websites are a very common thing for today era. The website builds brand awareness and it somehow reflects the business, the individual and those with which the website is related with.

But the major question arises that how to get a good traffic to the website because building a website is not a big task but to divert the audience to the website is a big deal. So, in today’s segment, we Digijiyo Solutions will provide you with the simplest tips and tricks to get traffic to your website.

Before starting let me tell you one thing that there are basically two kinds of traffic, one is Organic and the other one is Paid. So the organic traffic means that there is no any amount is invested to grab the traffic to the website, and this is the thing where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in the picture. The other one as the name refers is the paid traffic.

So, the traffic which comes by putting all the efforts but not money is called Organic Traffic and it is totally dependent upon the term Search Engine Optimization. So, come let’s first explore the secrets of how to get organic traffic to your website.

Here we are going to talk about the 6 basic tips, tricks, and techniques by which one can get traffic to his/her website for free.

1- Create engaging as well as quality content for your website The content is the king and we all know that. So, for driving the traffic to your website for free is directly promotional to the quality of your content.

SEO also says that the content must have quality, the keywords and most importantly it must be original. The major goal for any website is to appear on the google search results and your content will be responsible for this. So, the major SEO tips to get organic traffic to your website is to make a quality as well as engaging content for your website.

2- Start Blogging Every website has a blog section and you must have to use it. Suppose your website is targetting the beauty and health then you must have to write blogs on these topics at a regular interval and yeah must remember that your content must be keyword-friendly which means that certain keywords must be included in your website.

3- Always prefer to use Long-Tail KeywordsFro driving traffic to the website organically, you must have to write keyword-friendly content as we discussed. But, what is that Long-Tail Keyword and what it means.

Long Tail Keywords are the long keywords and it is the most superb thing which helps your content or article to get appeared in the search results. Suppose someone is looking for a beauty spa, then he or she can search beauty spa and it is the shortest keyword and somehow it is not relevant. But suppose someone is looking for a spa in his/her nearest location then he/she will search Beauty Spa in Houston Colony, Columbia then this is called as long tail keyword.

Always use Long-Tail Keywords as it is highly relevant and if you appear in the search results of these Long Tail Keywords then you must have grabbed the attention of your relevant audience because you are located to the nearest location of your customer who is looking for you.

4- Use Social Media MarketingToday everyone is on the Social Media Sites and it has a huge crowd. So, create a Facebook Page, An Instagram Account, A Twitter Account, A Google Plus Account, and if you are a business then must create A Google Business Page. Building your brand on these sites will definitely enhance the traffic to your website. Regular Posting, Content Sharing, Video & Image Uploads must be done at regular intervals to these social media channels.

5- Use The Internal Links Of Your WebsiteThis is the most actionable SEO technique which will drive organic traffic to your website. Internal Links are the links which redirect the user to the internal page of your website Like, Blog post & more.

Use these Internal links as the advertisement tool by sharing these links on different platforms. Post the internal links of your website to Social Media Sites and other sites which allows you to do so. This whole process of sharing your Internal Links to the other platforms is known as creating backlinks of your website.

It means that the internal links which are shared on other platforms will redirect your audiences to your website and the platforms where your internal links are posted has created backlinks for your website.

Google also prefers those sites which have more and more incoming links. But always make sure that your internal links will be posted to reputable platforms and not with those which create spammy links and are not secured.

Creating backlinks will create a superb credibility to your website and yeah your relevant customers will surely land to your pages if he/she interested in your content.

6- Make Friends and Post on Google Business Page Regularly – Join those communities where your relevant customers spend times. Try to engage your relevant customers by sharing some content, photos, and videos to those communities. Talk to them, elaborate your business and count your USP’s with them.

If you are a business website then create a Google Business Page and post contents on it regularly. Ask your customers to review your business on Google. This is also helpful in creating engagement, grabbing attention and most importantly it helps in creating the credibility of the brand.

So, I hope that you all have understood that you can drive traffic to your website for free and without paying a penny to someone. The 6 superb tips which we have discussed will surely increase the traffic flow to your website and your brand/product or service will surely grab the attention of your relevant customers.

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