Hello, guys today Digijiyo Solutions came up with a superb article and we hope that you guys really gonna like it. When we hear the term earn money from videos then Youtube strike in our mind but, now there is also an option in the internet market and is known as Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch is a feature of Facebook which was launched in August last year but only in the US. Facebook Watch is launched in India from this November 2018 and now Indians can also earn money from their Facebook Videos. This step from Facebook is going to be the biggest competitor for Youtube as it known as the heaven for the video monetization.

Facebook started pushing videos on its platform after the announcement of Facebook ‘s CEO Mark Zuckerberg which states that “seeing the video as a megatrend”. This announcement was made during an earnings call last February. This was the pavement of the pillars of earning money from Facebook.

So, now let’s talk about the Launch of Facebook Watch in India. In India, the Facebook watch has launched this November 2018 and it has opened the door for every Indian who are creative in making videos. Facebook Watch was in a testing period in India and is successfully launched in the month of November.

Facebook Watch in India is also known as Facebook For Creators or Facebook Ad Break. The Monetization Policy of Facebook Watch is quite similar to the Youtube Monetization Policy. But as we all know that Youtube has also some standards which must have to be fulfilled to start the monetization and it is same as the Facebook Watch Policies.

So come let’s know about the policies and criteria for the monetization from Facebook Watch in India:

1- In India, the video must be in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali or Malayalam.

2- If you want to start monetization for your Facebook Page then you must have at least 10,000 followers.

3- If your video is 3-minute long then it must be watched for at least 1-minute.

4- There is also a standard for the content and you can visit this official Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/help/publisher/1348682518563619 to know the standards and policies for the content of your video.

5- Each Ad breaks will last up to 20 seconds and you will get around 50-55% of the total value as Facebook will also take 45-50% of the share.

So, guys, we hope that this article has helped you all. So, the big news in Digital marketing is that Facebook watch is launched in India and we Indians can also monetize their Facebook Videos through Facebook Watch.

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