Hello Guys, welcome to Digijiyo Solutions. Today we are going to discuss some of the major elements which will optimize WordPress websites.

Optimizing WordPress Websites is a very handy process as we have a lot and lot of WordPress plugins which are really very beneficial for WordPress performance optimization.

So, here we have some simple tips and techniques for optimizing WordPress websites and we will also discuss some major WordPress site speed optimization plugin. So here we go.

WordPress performance optimization is a really very challenging thing for the website developers who use WordPress themes and we will point out some important tips which will be essential for Wordpress performance optimization.

Always choose a good website hosting plan

Choosing the right hosting plan is a very messy task for the website developers and it will be done in a perfect manner. Before choosing the hosting plan make sure your website hosting company is not sharing thousands of websites on a single shared server. Here we have brought some major mistakes that one does while choosing a hosting plan.

  • Mistake No. 1: Searching for the best web hosting company on the internet.
  • Mistake No. 2: Going for the “Unlimited Web Hosts” options.
  • Mistake No. 3: Getting disguised by the cheap web hosting services, you are not buying coffee.
  • Mistake No. 4: Ignoring the Terms of Service.
  • Mistake No. 5: Choosing quantity over quality.
  • Mistake No. 6: Signing up the services section for a long period of time without knowing too much about that website hosting company.

So, do not make these mistakes before choosing a hosting plan because these mistakes will really affect your WordPress website performance optimization.

Always choose a Fast & Lightweight WordPress Themes

If a theme or design is poorly coded and you are going to implement it then it will affect the optimization of WordPress sites. Suppose you are using a theme that is poorly coded or which has images throughout the design will really make your Wordpress website bulky.

These kinds of design will surely increase the loading time of the website which results in slow WordPress website. So in such conditions, you have to choose wisely, always choose those WordPress themes which has been optimized for the mobiles, tablets, and computers. These kinds of themes are known as responsive WordPress themes and they will really optimize your WordPress website.

So, always choose lightweight WordPress themes which are also known to be the fastest WordPress themes. We have to find Astra WordPress Theme which is quite superb and helpful for the WordPress Performance Optimization.

Always Choose Fast WordPress Plugin and Monitor Them at Regular Interval

Download and install only those plugins which are necessary, do not download any plugin which is not good for the WordPress site health. You will find a wide number of WordPress plugin in the plugin section of the WordPress site dashboard but always think before installing them.

Before installing a plugin just make a few minutes of Research & Development on those plugins, that either they are helpful for your WordPress site or not?

Here we have some WordPress site speed optimization plugin which can be beneficial in optimizing WordPress website.

  • P3Profiler: Well, this is not a plugin which optimizes WordPress websites but it will show you that what amount of time your plugins are adding in the loading of your WordPress website.

  • W3 Total Cache: This WordPress plugin for optimization is a masterpiece and it improves the server-side performance, provides smooth CDN integration for faster site speed and reduces the download time of the Wordpress website.

  • ShortPixels Image Compression Plugin: This wordpress plugin is helpful in reducing the size of the image and it does it by compressing the JPG & PNG images. This wordpress site speed optimization plugin performs lose-less image compression so that the quality of the image will remain the same.

  • WP-Optimize: This plugin as the name suggests is helpful in wordpress website optimization. This plugin is a database optimization plugin which automatically identifies useless entries of your website’s database and make it sleeker by deleting these useless rows which really optimize the wordress site.

  • Lazy Load for Videos: If your website contains videos and it get played when you scroll down the website, then it slows down the performance of wordpress website. For eliminating this problem we have brought you a wordpress plugin for optimization which load the video only when the thumbnail of the video get clicked.

  • Plugin Organizer: By using this plugin, you will manually choose that on which page which plugin gets activated. Plugin Organizer is a Wordpress plugin for optimization which allows you to set the loading of your plugins in a manual manner.

Always clean the trash of your wordpress website

Whenever a content of your wordpress website deleted either it is a comment or post or page or media or anything, it will be sent to the trash. So, always make sure that your trash is cleaned which means that always delete those contents from the trash of the website also.

Optimize the images for the web

Images creates engagement and the user which lands on your website will go throughout the content when relevant images are used. But, do you know that the more the image the more is the loading time of the website? Yes, the images make your wordpress sites bulky which results in increased loading time of the website.

So, use image optimizing plugin for wordpress for compressing the image and make it lighter so that the website load quickly.


So the above mentioned points are the key points which helps in optimizing the speed of the wordpress website. These factors helps in optimizing wordpress websites. The wordpress plugins and the techniques which are mentioned are really very beneficial in shortening the loading time of the website.

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